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Pacman is a popular game that many youngers experience every day to remind the numerous beautiful memories in their past. This game has plus point on the new way to play that player will have a chance to go back the game world in 1980s. In that time, although any game still has owned simply graphic system, they bring many difficult challenges that rarely any one can pass all of challenges. This is also an important feature that makes the branch of this game. I’m sure that you cannot be unsatisfied in the first time experiencing.

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My Talking Tom

Today, My Talking Tom is a fun game for all smartphones mentioning a lovely character – Tom cat.  The cat can imitate your own voice or any sound near it. This special is totally free game anymore. Game is created to bring the need for more and more entertainment to players in general and to relieve stress of anxiety after working. It includes from low to high level that you can be free to conquer many challenges. There are so many new versions for the new PRO experience, the capacity is not too so you can be comfortable to play in any services.

My Talking Tom 30816

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer for Android is an interesting football management game on Android. In this game you are not only becoming an excellent player but also becoming a great coach. Your mission in an amazing game for Android is to build and recruit the best players, while upgrading your facilities, training your team to become the best team in Dream League Soccer. This game give you the way to play is very easy, however it is also a challenge for you. To absolutely success, you have to concentrate on your task and have to fast-sight in any action.

Dream League Soccer 28781

Car Racing Games

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a driving game on the hill is very attractive, attracting more than 100 million downloads on the App Store. In this latest update, Hill Climb Racing has been added and improved a series of interesting features. Please join Bill Newton in an exciting racing game called Climb Hill Racing. In the game, you will be transformed into Bill Newton and conquer the hill with a lot of bonuses, as well as challenges and terrain. Newton Bill will face the challenges of six unique hill with 3 different cars.

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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a new racing game Arts and authentically incorporate stunning graphics into the Android and iOS platforms. Real Racing 3 always top the racing game downloads on Google Play Store, enough to see the undeniable attraction of this game. Real Racing 3 officially 39 laps with 17 locations are real, and more than 140 super car to come from the leading manufacturers in the world. The game has many highlights such as the beautiful graphics, the track spread, realistic sound effects from the engine, sound emitted when gamers make the phase drift.


Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider features unlimited racing style or racetrack shown class in Career Mode. This is also a rare racing game using the first-person perspective with vivid graphics and realistic sound. Players will be immersed in the road race and the most modern smoother. Controlling the race car on the highway, crossed the intersection crowded and seemed superior driving technique will help her earn money is not small.

Traffic Rider 23304

Need For Speed

Need For Speed ​ is a high-speed game that anyone who love car will really enjoy on it. Do you like racing car? This game is a high-speed street racing game that give you can travel around the Olympic City with lots of different cars. The game’s features are three new races – Drag, Drift, and Sprint. It also has some behind the scenes stories for gamers who care more than a crazy race around a virtual scene. This game will give you come into many unforgettable memories in your life that only have in this amazing game.

Need For Speed 30172
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Action Games

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a type of amazing arcade game with many different changes when comparing with other the same type game. Your task in this game is that you have to control your main character through keyboard in this smartphone. It means the purpose of this game is that you have to guide the character pass each level by solving any puzzle as fast as possible. I’m sure that you will be surprised with interesting challenge that this game gives you. On the other hand, this is also is a tool to help you can invite your friend play together whenever you like.

Happy Wheels 9517

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is a third – sight shooting game that is very interesting and more attractive in the world published by Gameloft. This is a famous company game which releases many interesting game such as Six-Guns, Blitz Brigade, especially series Modern Combat before. This story in this game takes place at Vegas city where has many casinos. Therefore, people here can become billionaire as well as homeless through a night. You will have to play a just new famous MMA champion who is hunted by mafia groups. You have been forced setting the rate of match. Let’s go with your task!

Gangstar Vegas 25208

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is named as a game that can immediately attract you in the first time you experience. This game was inspired with hot phrase “Keyboard Hero” that is a imitate game published by R2 Games. Involving in this game, player will be acted in a no name hero who a knight people always is willing to wipe out any wicked monster. All of that are noble actions that want to help protect citizen here and gain again the peaceful of their life. Your task in this game is very simply. You only have to click on the screen as many as possible.

Clicker Heroes 3485

Clash Royale

Clash Royale for Android is the latest tactical card game on Android. The father of Clash of the Clan’s legendary strategy game has officially launched its latest MOBA product – Clash Royale on Google Play with an extremely attractive gameplay system. The first highlight of this game is the presence of familiar characters with any players and you can collect these warriors as cards to create the best fighting suit that called Battle Deck. Similar to its “senior”, this game also requires players to carefully calculate from the team’s layout from arranging card selection to the battling to the upgrading, enhancing and recruiting more members for teams.

Clash Royale 3216
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Online Games

Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga – also called Reverse sweets, is a game of fun has been launched since 2014, but until now, this game is still a lot of players play favourite and the game installed. The game features simple gameplay but extraordinarily charismatic, with the sweets with fresh new colours, you can play games all day without knowing bored. Download game Candy Crush Saga on for your phone to participate in gaming right now for you, completely free, is also suitable for all models now from iPhone, Android, apk until machine Java also played!


Dragon City

The city building game Dragon City sure is no stranger to the veteran gamers, this is one of the most successful simulation game on Facebook. Game Dragon City is also the titles did the Facebook game market hot during a long time. Although currently the Facebook game no longer was interested as Android or iOS game game but the gamers always interested in some games like: Candy Crush Saga, Pirate Kings, etc.

dragon city download 7224

Exploration Lite

Exploration Lite is free version of tactical adventure game that is quite similar to Minecraft: Exploration before. When involving this amazing game, players have to move secret squares to build your own beautiful bastion. Currently, this game has conquered 50 million download times as well as more 1.5 million evaluations in the world. It shows the attraction of interesting game, right? Basically, in this game, players have to build by themselves with many giant programs such as buildings, ramparts, stairs, trees, palaces, swimming pools through the arrangement of magic blocks. You and your friend can freely move their blocks to create through your creation really like the real life.

Exploration Lite 3477

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a fun action game for Android phones. When entering the Subway Surfers game, the player will be reincarnated in a naughty boy – Peter who is very like drawing the Graffity on the car or station. And someday, Peter is detected. He has to run, run and run as fast as possible to escape the guard. Of course, your task in this amazing game is to try hard to help our funny and mischievous boy overcome these difficult experiences and challenges! This game will give you into a busy city that you have to do important task is to help Peter avoid many impediments in the road.

Subway Surfers 20165


GTA is one of the most popular games today. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is also known as the world famous street robber. As most of new games today focus on graphics, content, story and gameplay elements, this game is one of the brightest stars in the game sky. It has great content, interesting storyline, beautiful graphics, flexible gameplay makes players difficult to resist when first exposed. This interesting game promise brings you to amazing would that you can’t regret anymore. Each moment in this game is also great moment that you want to keep forever.

gta 5 23905
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